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Have you ever wondered why your doctor only rarely orders a single test, like a sodium or potassium?  Although it can certainly be done, tests like sodium and potassium levels are best intepreted in the context of several tests.   Laboratory panels have evolved to analyze to assist the physician with this task. The above list is not complete and depending upon the location of your blood test, may vary slightly or may include panels that reflect a certain patient population (For example, a DIC panel).

Cardiac Enzyme Panel
Electrolyte Panel
Hepatitis Panel
Lipid Panel
Liver Panel
Thyroid Panel

Commonly Used Terms

Basic Principles of Disease
Learn the basic disease classifications of cancers, infections, and inflammation

Commonly Used Terms
This is a glossary of terms often found in a pathology report.

Diagnostic Process
Learn how a pathologist makes a diagnosis using a microscope

Surgical Pathology Report
Examine an actual biopsy report to understand what each section means

Special Stains
Understand the tools the pathologist utilizes to aid in the diagnosis

How Accurate is My Report?
Pathologists actively oversee every area of the laboratory to ensure your report is accurate

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