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Why is the Pathologist The Doctor's Doctor?

The laboratory is often viewed by the patient as a black box, a bewildering collection of sophisticated equipment where specimens are received and a diagnosis miraculously appears.  Producing these complicated interpretations and diagnoses are many highly trained professionals.  They are the pathologists, physicians specially trained in the art and science of laboratory medicine.  Aided by medical technologists, the laboratory specimens are subjected to the appropriate tests and a diagnosis is rendered.  The pathologist is a physician, an M.D. or D.O., and is able to communicate with your physician at a highly technical level.  Based upon these results, your physician will then decide upon a course of treatment for you.  The pathologists' knowledge base is immense, precisely communicating with every medical specialty.  In cases of very rare diagnoses, the pathologist is often called upon to offer treatment options.  It should come as no surprise that the pathologist has long been regarded by the rest of the medical community as The Doctor's Doctor.
Why does the patient need The Doctor's Doctor?
Nearly all medical decisions are based upon the results of the laboratory.  These results are complicated and written in highly technical language, requiring years of training to properly interpret.  Ironically, the physician producing these results, the pathologist, very rarely communicates with the patient.  The patient that is able to understand their laboratory result is in a better position to make an informed decision regarding their medical care.  By sending us a copy of your medical report, a board certified pathologist will "translate" your report into everyday language.  Thus the patient can now access the tremendous resource of the pathologist.
What else can The Doctor's Doctor Tell Me?
The patient who would like to further pursue their diagnosis may access a database describing their disease in greater detail with carefully selected internet links.   Discussions of current medical news from the viewpoint of the pathologist are also provided. 
Who is the Pathologist?
I thought pathologists only did autopsies! All this and more will be answered.  Click on the link and read on!
Who are the Pathologists behind The Doctor's Doctor?
Click this link to see the members of our pathology medical group.

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