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The cell is a marvel of efficiency and complexity.  It is a microcosm of the body. The following is a glossary of terms associated with cells.


Basement Membrane-This is a layer of specialized proteins and connective tissue cells which surround epithelium.

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Collagen-This soft tissue forms the majority of the supporting tissue support for cells, blood vessels, and the framework for organs.  It is produced by the fibroblast.


Cytoplasm-This the portion of the cell within the membrane and outside of the nucleus.  In it is housed the majority of energy, enzyme, and protein production. 

Endothelium, Endothelial-These cells form the framework for all blood vessels.  The joining together of these cells forms the vessels. 

Epithelium, Epithelial-A specialized lining cell of organs.  See also What is Cancer?.


Mesenchymal-General term for soft tissues.  It includes the collagen connective tissue, neural tissue, smooth and skeletal muscle, and usually cartilage and sometimes bone. 

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Mucin-Used to describe a wispy and poorly cellular substance which is present both within the connective tissue and also produced by some gland forming cancers.

Myofibroblast-A specialized cell which is actively involved in wound formation as well as providing an important component of scar formation and contraction.

Nuclear Membrane-This membrane separates the nuclear DNA genetic material from the cytoplasm and the rest of the cell cytoplasm.

Nucleus-The heart of the cell which contains the DNA and genetic material. 

Nucleoli-A specialized portion of the nucleus where the DNA material is organized around specialized proteins. 

Smooth Muscle-One type of muscle involved in involuntary contraction.  Whereas skeletal muscle such as the biceps are voluntary, smooth muscle is usually involuntary, controlled by hormonal and autonomic nervous system.  A good example are the muscle layers surrounding the intestinal tract. 

Stroma-General term to describe the connective tissue supporting matrix.

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Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease. Sixth Edition. WB Saunders 1999.

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