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Most patients do not have a copy of their laboratory or pathology report. The procedure to obtain it is very simple. Simply ask the physician who performed the biopsy or surgical procedure for a copy of your report.

Please print this form and attach a copy of the laboratory report.

Please mail it to:

The Doctor's Doctor
3870 Del Amo Blvd. Unit 507
Torrance, CA 90503-7701

You may also fax this printed form and laboratory report to us at 310-347-4381. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at 310-561-8503 and ask for The Doctor's Doctor.

PART 1: Patient Data

Last Name: First Name:

Birth Date: Male Female


Home Telephone #: Work Telephone #:

E-Mail Address: Fax #:

PART 2: Submission of Reports

How are you submitting your original pathology report(s) to The Doctor's Doctor?

Fax Mail

Part 3: Mailing Addresses

Send my translated report to me at:

PART 4: Payment

Personal Checks may be written to: Dermatopathology Institute

NOTE: If you do not submit payment details via this form, we will contact you by telephone to verify your credit card information.

# of Reports Being Translated x $200=$
Total Fee $

Visa MasterCard

Card # Expires

PART 5: Consent

By signing here on a hard copy of this form, I give my permission for The Doctor's Doctor to prepare a translated report for me. I have read and agree to the disclaimer below (name of client or legal guardian):



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