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Dr. Patch Adams was right on target when he recognized the healing power of laughter.  Give yourself and a friend a laugh today.  

Pushing Glass

Follow the tumultuous adventures of first year pathology resident James Deetan. As the year progresses, he gains confidence in his diagnostic abilities as he learns the subtle nuances and broad knowledge base demanded of the pathologist. A malpractice lawsuit involving himself and one of his admired mentors devastates and demoralizes him as the year draws to an end. Through this ordeal, James is reminded of the reasons he pursued a career in pathology, strengthening his resolve to become a pathologist.


Capture a moment of life that flirts with your imagination and creates an unforgettable memory.

Gourmet Pathologists

Pathologists have a peculiar penchant for naming various diseases after foods.  These range from the tasty chocolate cysts of the ovaries to tantalizing nutmeg of the liver.

Typographical Errors or Did I Say That?

Pathologists dictate thousands of cases and transcribers dutifully record their words, or so we hope! Here is a collection of typographical errors.

We See Strange Things Under the Microscope!

Pathologists view thousands of patterns a day. Sometimes, they evoke a smile from us.

Dermatology in the Cinema

This is an amusing look from a dermatologist's perspective of how dermatology has intentionally or unintentionally sneaked into the cinema.

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