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This web site is dedicated to patient empowerment.

Much of the information a physician uses to make a diagnosis comes from clinical laboratory tests and tissue biopsies.

These tests are usually overseen or interpreted by a pathologist. This site is run by pathologists who want to help patients understand their test results and diagnoses.

The physicians on our staff can interpret the results for you, in plain English. This will help you make better informed healthcare decisions.


As is our pathology so is our practice...what the pathologist thinks today, the physician does tomorrow.

Sir William Osler, M.D.

Nearly every disease and illness relies on laboratory tests or tissue and cell sampling. In most cases, a specialized physician oversees the performance of those tests or is directly involved with the diagnosis. That medical doctor is a Pathologist. Many pathologists work behind the scenes, making important interpretations and diagnoses that significantly impact patient care.

This web site was created by pathologists to inform the public about the role of pathologists in health care, and to give patients access to interpretations of their medical reports, particularly laboratory tests and surgical pathology reports.

For the practicing physician, there are detailed summaries of most diseases, referenced with medical literature abstracts. The majority of the abstracts are from the pathology literature, setting it apart from other medical information Web sites.

Our Mission Statement

  • Re-establish the role of the pathologist as the Doctor’s Doctor, pre-eminent consultant to physicians

  • Reaffirm the pathologist's role as a vital member of the health care team

  • Reach out and educate patients, hospital administrators, insurers, and all healthcare workers

  • Research the medical literature and provide an organized and comprehensive overview of diseases

  • Relevance for the role of the pathologist in today’s changing medical environmment

Remember, Your Diagnosis Often Begins with the Pathologist!

Let one of our pathologists review your test results and give you an interpretation that is understandable—plain english, not confusing medical terminology. Use this web site to:

  • gain access to information previously available only to health care professionals

  • empower and educate yourself so that you can make informed decisions

  • communicate directly with the Pathologist, one of the most important and overlooked members of the health care team

We've divided this site into 5 areas.

1. Your Laboratory Report in Everyday Language

Every patient has the right to ask for your laboratory report, review it and have it explained to you in everyday language by The Doctor's Doctor.

2. Medical News You Can Use

You've heard or read about the latest medical breakthroughs.  Now get the complete story from the pathologist's viewpoint.  You may be surprised!

3. The Physicians Behind the Doctor's Doctor

Learn about the role of pathologists in health care.
If you thought pathologists only did autopsies, read on!

4.What's Your Diagnosis?

We have carefully researched major diseases and provided timely summaries and links to other internet resources. We also have included a section of teaching cases, showcasing the approach a pathologist utilizes to diagnose a case.

5. Search the Site

We have provided a search engine that will enable you to search this website for information you need.

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