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Learn about the evolution of the site, beginning with an encounter with a patient's family and evolving to an internationally recognized resource of pathology information for the physician and patient.

Media Articles Citing the Web Site

Wall Street Journal June 14, 2006. Hospitals Move to Cut Dangerous Lab Errors-Improved Specimen Collection And Efficiency Help Increase Accuracy of Medical Testing.

Media Articles

The Doctor’s Doctor as published in Advance 2004;16:24:2A-4A.  

The Daily Breeze 2/15/2000-Celling His Profession

CAP Today November 2001-Screen test: How one pathologist connects with patients

Newsletter of the Arizona Society of Pathology (The ASP)-April 2002

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"Thank you for a wonderful web site, a much needed one..."

"As you know, soft tissue sarcomas are rare, and many sites do not have much information on them. I want you to know I REALLY appreciate the amount of information you have on this site about sarcomas..."

"It's very useful and understandable to people with no medical background..."

"An absolutely wonderful site, thank you for sharing it with us..."

"I have reviewed your web site completely- and I thank you for all of the valuable information! It is clear, and very relevant!"

"Thank you, thank you thank you so very much for your kind and tremendously informative e-mail. You have offered us more information ( and I suspect more accurate information on 'diffuse adenoma' than both our G.P. and our daughter's gynecologist."

"I have found your website very informative and very helpful.....keep up the good work. I would love to be able to talk to other people and see how they handle the whole situation ......frustrating would be a mild word to describe how I feel personally......anyway I will continue to read up about it etc....and thanks a million for your help."

"We have recently visited your website and would like to request that you add a link to The Paget Foundation website if such a link is not included on your website. If this is not possible, we would appreciate your listing The Paget Foundation as a resource for patients and medical professionals. "

"Wow! excellent melanoma page! Congratulations on an excellent site."

"I have seen your web page that lists all the diseases that are related to panniculitis and want to thank you for putting it there. My group is international in scope, and I appreciate you focusing on panniculitis in such an in depth manner."

" I found it useful for helping me acertain the risk of melanoma from a dysplastic nevus. I am a doctor and liked the facts presented. "

"I am a final year dental student faced with a case of B cell lymphoma presenting in the gingiva. The path lab has sent the report stating that it is a B cell lymphoma most probably of the large cell anaplastic type, and that it does not have the facilities to test for CD30. I would like to know more about this and would very much appreciate any help you can give in this regard. I have gone through your web site and though it gives me a very clear idea of what I should know about the disease, I have no way of finding that information, specially as I am from a third world country, without many facilities. "

" I'm a 4th year med student applying to dermatology residencies. I wanted to thank you for the great pages you have written at http://www.thedoctorsdoctor.com. "

"Pease allow me to thank you for posting your article on vestibular papillomatosis. I only wish I had seen it 10 months ago! Your comparison of symptoms is something that I have now forwarded on to the three doctors who misdiagnosed my condition as HPV. It makes it quite clear how one can distinguish between the two conditions. Talking to my family doctor who is in the US...and doing web research on HPV, I simply could not understand how what I was experiencing was being diagnosed as such. I tried very harsh chemical treatments and almost underwent laser surgery at these Dr's suggestion. Luckily, I continued to question why nothing about what I was experiencing was consistent with HPV and why the treatment was certainly having no beneficial effect. If anything, the treatments made me much more uncomfortable and ill. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that my new doctor who finally diagnosed vestibular papillomatosis pointed me to your web page to help convince me that he was right. After 10 months of this nightmare, it was hard to believe! I want you to know how much I appreciate your information."

"I was on the net last night and came across your website. It is a wonderful site. I think it is fantastic that you have this site to educate the public about what it is that pathologists do and promote our specialty. I am a fourth year resident at Hopkins and am really enjoying my training experience, but find it somewhat frustrating when I talk to medical students and non medical people who think that all Pathologists do are autopsies. "

"We (NABCO) are in the process of extensively re-doing our Website, and would like to inquire about linking to your image of a sample pathology report at: http://www.thedoctorsdoctor.com/pathreports/typical_report.htm. As you know, the pathology report is all too often something that feels out of bounds to many cancer patients, yet is so central to the decision-making process that follows. Anything we can do to help individuals learn more about their path results is important. The National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations is a national nonprofit organization that has served women with breast cancer and their families since 1986, with a web presence since 1995. We strongly prefer not to re-invent the wheel, but rather focus on providing practical links and referrals."

"Thank you so much for responding. It was a wonderful surprise to hear from you. I can imagine how busy you must be and for that I am grateful. The information was great and quite comprehensive. "

"I read about your efforts to inform the public about pathologists in CAP TODAY. Nice job! As a Chief of Pathology in a 400 bed hospital...I had given some serious thought to doing something similar. Mostly with regards to various cancer diagnoses. But, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, given the tremendous progress you have made. "

"I just found out about your web page in CAP TODAY. I want to tell you that I think that it is the best thing since sliced bread! Especially your page on laboratory testing and the pitfalls thereof. You are right on and upfront with the public. I hope many lay and professional people use your resources, and that you can make some money off of this. My PhD Physicist father, who had no clue about anything medical, were he alive, would be referred to your site rather than sending me every single report he got from his physician for interpretation. You see - it's not just the uneducated who do not understand our profession, and why should they? I am not an expert in Optical Physics either!"


"I can't tell you the hours (and I do mean hours) I just spent perusing your web site. It is absolutely phenomenal !! I do medical research for women's vaginal problems mainly dealing with severe pain from diseases such as Vulvodynia and Lichen Sclerosus, but I also focus in on HPV, Digene hybrid tests, Paps, Biopsies, Cancer, Hormones, Herpes, all types of vaginal infections, etc.etc.etc. and what I've found at your site compares to none as well done. Your definitions, explanations, and detail are exemplary. I can't express my thanks enough! Beyond expression! I feel as though I've found a 'key' for so many references and resources to use in my explanations, and to be able to simplify it for the average person. Thank you ! Thank you ! Best wishes to you and may you continue this wonderful site forever, I look forward to you adding new findings and information. Thank you Pathologists!"

"I want to say thank you for this web site. It's more technical and informative than any other I've found."

"We have found your superb site; we are continually learning a lot of things, and it helps us to solve many problems. Congratulations!"

"We have a collagenous colitis website and it is very hard to find anything "new" about it. All of us "ladies" LOVE it! It is very informative and it isn't just copied and pasted. Very easy to navigate and the most helpful site I have ever seen. Do I sound like I am gushing? Sorry. Just when you look so intensively for any snippit of new information and find nothing really, you just get excited."

"First off - your website is terrific! My dermatologist called this a.m. to tell me I had the above diagnosis on a 5mm spot on my right shoulder. Having had breast cancer two years ago, I am anxious about what this diagnosis means. Your website helped to put my fears into perspective."

"I have to agree with everyone else who has congratulated you all on this website. This year I had an Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor removed from my pelvis. This site has help me enormously to understand what this was and all the terminology used. Well done and many thanks, you all really make a difference."

"By the way, your web site is great! I hope you are doing well with it. I will gladly recommend it to anyone I can."

"You have an attractive and useful site, and I congratulate you!"

"I don't quite remember how I discovered your website...it is absolutely wonderful. I have been doing research for 3 years - since I was diagnosed with a disease I couldn't even say. I was forced to look online because I had it so long, and Doctors never told me what it was or how to control it. I was told it was a 'rare' disease. I'm still trying to figure out how I got it. Doctors just say nothing much is known about it and there is nothing that we are sure works - take steroids. I then found a group located at 'Yahoo' - there was 1 person who had it and in a year we now have over 126 members. We have done a survey - I handed it out to 4 specialists who said it was done so well it should be put in the medical books. We have Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum...and your 'site' gave us a lot of 'insight' as to what this disease is. I was also told it was called an 'orphan' disease, but when I found Nord online-it isn't listed as one. Then I found American Autoimmune Diseases (AARDA) and they don't have it listed either, yet both places list diseases with very similar underlying causes. I guess we won't get a cure because if it's a rare disease research isn't being done...Although we have no answers at all...your website has given us some insite about this disease.....I thank you so much."

"To Whom it May Concern; Thanks for the great information on panniculitis.

"I learned about your website from a past issue of CAP Today (I am a fellow pathologist), and I had to tell you what a great idea this is! I did not see your website until recently. The website is very informative and easy to understand. Congratulations for a job well done (although I understand you consider it a "work in progress"). It is up to US (the pathologists) to inform everyone that we don't hang out in the hospital basement doing autopsies all day long!!!! Keep up the good P.R.!"

"Thanks for the great work in the field of Pathology. The Web site give excellent help to the pathologist, the gross and microscopic pictures are so typical for teaching."

"Thank you for your absolutely brilliant website. I was just told I have cervical dysplasia, but that the biopsy was 'inconclusive' and they need to repeat in 3 months. I had very little idea what they meant (or what factors affected the biopsy, etc...) until I looked on your site and read up a bit. You've helped me gain a bit of peace of mind by helping me understand the process/definitions/procedures a bit more. God bless y'all!!!"

"I just wanted to thank you for the article "The X-files and Paget's Carcinoma". I was watching a rerun of this episode and, of course, I had to look up the disease. Your page was the first that I found, and told me exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you very much!"

" I think it is the greatest website I have found so far. I am and have been recommending it to friends with Lupus and also to the two Lupus forums That I go to. So far everyone thinks it is great. Thank you for all your hard work."

"This is an amazing site and has been very helpful for this civilian. Thanks!"

"I would like to congratulate you on easy to understand information on various subjects, but in particular, amyloidosis for which I am currently undergoing tests. The average doctor knows little about this subject & even those testing & treating this disease do not understand it. I have learned more by using your site than I have been told by all the doctors put together. Thank you."

"I just visited your website this early dawn: Excellent. I will have a great day! Please extend my congratulations to your colleagues and thanks, many thanks."

"This is the best site about Pathology I found in the web. Congratulations."

"I just found your web site and looked through it... it is fantastic and you are to be congratulated for a job well done! "

"Your report its really good I hope you get feedback from professionals you did a good job. congratulations."

"Have been looking through your website and am thrilled at how comprehensive the information is and how clearly it is presented."

"Thank-you for your informative wesite! It was so easy to read and understand and has put my mind at ease! Many Thanks!"

"I have first to congratulate you for the oustanding work in The Doctors Doctor page.  It is a great job! "

"Hi. I'm commenting on your Internet site on autoimmune disorders. It was informative. My neice will be a pharmacist in 2 years and is researching autoimmune disorders prevalent in certain states, and I was hoping I'd find that answer. Thank you for the information I did find."

"First let me express my appreciation for the excellent service you provided the public with your website service. I hope many individuals benefit from direct access to pathologists."

"Thank you for sending me your pseudomyxoma peritonei website. It is very comprehensive and very impressive. I certainly will refer patients and physicians to your website."

"I wish I had found your site a long time ago! I've been doing internet research on Germ Cell Cancer for my cousin, whose daughter died of the illness just this month, after a 15 month struggle. Your site has a great deal of good information about this kind of cancer, and all in one place. Thank you for that - keep up the good work! "

" I was impressed by your website, the excellent reasons for setting it up and the Osler quote. I was also intrigued by the emphasis on hyperplastic polyps of the colorectum in which I find some useful summaries of some of my own publications..."

"You are a kind man for replying to my email. Thank you so much for taking the time. I really do appreciate it and respect you very much for your advice. I am so impressed by your thoughtfulness. You must be an extra special doctor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

"Thanks for your web page on eosinophilic esophagitis. As a physician I appreciated the ease of finding this information."

"Thank for offering the world the great website about retinobastoma."

"I too am a fan of The X-Files.  While I am not a pathologist, I do have nearly 30 years of medical transcription experience and several years as a medical coder and health information administrator, and I can tell you that medical inaccuracies and imprecisions on television (and in books) irritate me also."

"I wish Dermatologists and other Doctors would learn more about 'Chronic Benign Familial Pemphigus' or 'Hailey Hailey Skin Disease.' I was misdiagnosed with Grover's Disease for almost 20 years until a Derm. who was familiar with Hailey Hailey took a biopsy and confirmed it. Such a shame that there are so many more people out there with this dreaded disease who are suffering in silence. Thanks for the opportunity..."

" I was doing some research about Sweet's and I came up on your site. I thought that mabye I could tell you a little bit about how Sweet's affected my father. I guess the first thing I should tell you is that my father passed away on Jan. 31 of this year. He was only 48 years old. He was diagnosed with Sweet's about three years ago. Our family doctor said that his case was really rare. Not only because he was male, but because Sweet's was found in his legs, and there was absolutely no connection to any other diseases, including cancer. There was absolutely nothing that we could tie the disease to. Our doctor said when he first diagnosed my father that in the end we would come out knowing more than he did. And I do beleive he was right. Sweet's affected my father's lungs, heart, breathig, his whole life. Because of the Sweet's, my father was put on a steriod called prednisone. At one time he was taking around 100 to 180 (I think) milligrams of it a day just to get the swelling down. He was on a total of 21 pills a day. Being on the prednisone for as long as he was, 2 and a half years, affected him greatly. He had no immune system, his eyes were bad, his lungs were bad, his heart wasn't good, he gained weight, his face was puffy looking, and he became depressed. Now, doctor, I don't know if you really care about my email to you, it just made me feel better to tell a doctor who is interested in Sweet's about my father's case. My father meant more to me than you or anyone could ever know. He inspired me to become a R.N. and I'm going to college now to do just that. Like I said I don't care if this email means anything to you, but it did help me. Thank you for (hopefully) reading this and please continue on with your research on Sweet's. God Bless."

"I am a practising pathologist in Kerala, India. It was a heartwarming experience going through your website. For a change, you have managed to convey to the patient what goes on behind the scenes. My feelings are exactly the same as what you have prtrayed in your website. I'll forever remember...the Doctor's doctor....a nice way to think of a thankless job. But you made my day today and I thank you for that...I really appreciate what you have done and I'll be forwarding your web site address to all my pathologist friends. Warmest regards and keep up the good work ;)"

"Your website has made a huge difference in our on line discussion support group for the rare endometrial stromal sarcoma. You can't imagine what your pages have done to reassure and to point us in the right direction for treatment. We also have communicated with authors of some of the cited abstracts!  One author has worked with our group and written a paper on our commonalities. So you need to know.  Your hard work on this website has made a very large impact in the lives of about 100 women with Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma.  There isn't much 'out there' for a rare cancer. Thank you so very much."

"It was really easy to understand and it was nice to visit a site that was noncommercial and not always flashing popup ads in your face every minute."

"My first question of my surgeon - Who will be the pathologist - I do consider that field the most important...it is the Pathologist who IS of greatest importance to my outcome. This, pre-surgery, concern was the FIRST that I spoke about to the doctors. All pathologists should be held as THE key in medicine -and yet, I will never meet mine. They are the DOCTORS OF DOCTORS."

" My 14 month old grandson was just recently diagnosed with this disease, eosinophilic esophagitis. The only info I could find on it was on your website. Thank so so much for that!"

" Hi www.thedoctorsdoctor.com is a very comprehensive website and I am grateful to have found the site."

" I was thrilled to find this site.  You answered so many questions that nobody else has been able to tell me.  Thank you so very much.  I am very grateful. "

"Thank you for your wonderful article in Dermanities  http://www.dermanities.com/detail.asp?article=185  We gained a new appreciation for the DoctorsDoctor website from reading your enjoyable story."

"Thank you for providing an informative, and well designed web site. All the best."

"I loved your web site! I am a nurse in Arizona, actually a Legal Nurse Consultant (which truly has placed me at a disadvantage because healthcare providers may get defensive, especially when I ask intelligent questions) that was not diagnosed correctly, nor in a timely manner for what I am being told is now two types of DCIS with microinvasion and Paget's Disease.  I would like to know if you would possibly be interested in reviewing my reports in order to use this as a teaching case, to present to other pathologists, healthcare providers, and possibly at a National Conference for Legal Nurses (naturally I would be honored to assist with any presentation).   Last year I had 5 biopsies and decided to have prophylactic bilateral mastectomies due to the reports of bilateral ADH, additional red-flagged terms on those reports, including radial scar, a MRI with BI-Rads 4 with architectural distortion and my gut instinct.  I have two older sisters with DCIS. My mastectomies were done this past January, with "negative pathology reports".  My slides were sent at my request to Cornell for second opinions. Not only did...Cornell diagnose Paget's on the left, but after...additional requests for more slides, DCIS was diagnosed from the biopsies of last May!  I would have had the mastectomies done last June if the correct diagnosis had been made.  I found out the correct diagnoses approximately 10 months after the biopsies, and 2 months after the bilateral mastectomies.  No sentinel nodes were done or even considered because remember, I went in for "prophylactic mastectomies".  I was an excellent historian and even provided my two sisters pathology reports diagnosing DCIS to everyone (either on paper or verbally).  There are two facilities in Arizona that missed the diagnoses.  One of the facilities did not bother to look at the additional biopsy specimen tissue stored in their own lab, to rule in or out DCIS!   I am a strong advocate for myself and I still have difficulty understanding how this was not identified after all the medical history was literally handed to the pathologist, and I even brought in all the pertinent medical records to him (including sisters' reports) personally, voiced my concerns and fears of breast cancer.  My rationale of getting the prophylactic mastectomies was to prevent cancer in the first place.  The whole purpose of my contacting you is to help in educating as many people as possible to prevent this from happening to another person.  If this happened to me, a Legal Nurse Consultant, how many females are walking around, with no medical background with a delay in a diagnosis or have been misdiagnosed and told 'everything was negative'? "

"You have done a wonderful job with your web site. I can't tell you how impressed with its organization and detail. Everything is very educational and laid out so well. I am sure that it is a team effort! But again, good job!"

"I was found your website thedoctorsdoctor.com in my Google search results. It is an excellent resource for your visitors. Keep it up the excellent work!!"

"For the past few weeks while studying about the Yolk Sac Tumor, your knowledge and work stands out from the rest. We are overwhelmed by your noble service to the medical industry and pray that you could provide us some relief to our miseries."

"I feel that at most all pathologist to send you a ward of thanks for the great work you do to gather the most useful information for every subject in pathology in a single website. thank you in deed."

"I like it very much. It is beneficial for all surgical pathology. Thank you."

"Am very satisfied with this huge information and the ease of its access so thank u very very much of this

"I know you are a big champion of the internet's role in dermatology - and it was truly an incredible tool for me - allowing me to send information/images to world-leading experts around the world.  The world is truly flat."

"Thank you so much, patients with Lichen planopilaris will be greatly helped by your web site...Thanks for running your site, which is a great resource for patients!"

"I like your site and use it myself for many reasons. Good job I say!"

"Thank you so much for putting together the Doctor's Doctor web site. It has been tremendously useful in helping me to understand the meaning of pathology reports. I was particularly impressed by the thoughtful, intelligent and scientific way you have organized the information."

"I want to say the site is very well and educating with various tactics very inspring."

"Thank you so very much for providing a resource on the internet such as the Doctors' Doctor. I wanted to learn about a particular medical condition, and your site provided sophisticated, up-to-date information, not the predigested, oversimplified and incomplete pap such as is usually offered to lay people."

"Love your site! It’s so nice to find accurate medical info on the internet with a simple Google search…and from a derm-path—wow! I’m a former cytotechnologist-turned physician assistant...I ran across your site while surfing for prognostic info on my recently excised (shave bx) “cystic squamous cell carcinoma with keratoacanthoma-like features” excised from my upper arm last week...I also teach medical students at USC and have always told them that the two most important medical specialties are Family Medicine (prevention, risk assessment/early diagnosis, coordinating care) and Pathology (because they know all the answers); everybody in the middle is essentially a technician…and yet that’s what they all aspire to be."

"I want to thank you for your website. It has been important in my research efforts concerning an "incidentally discovered papillary thyroid carcinoma after surgery for benign disease." (To use the language of the NCCN Guidelines.) I never appreciated how important the pathologist is to health care. As consumers, we choose a hospital and a doctor, decide on a surgeon, but no one ever asks us to choose a pathologist -- yet that person's knowledge and opinion can make a world of difference in health care. Although I do have a science background and work in the pharmaceutical advertising industry, I had no background in thyroid disease until a year ago, when my 19-year old son had a hemithyroidectomy. I used your site to learn more about pathology, histology, and cytology.  It helped us make a decision about whether or not to have a completion thyroidectomy. Thank you for your work!!"

"I am very impressed by your website. It is excellent and I appreciate the great deal of work you've done."

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