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The incidence of secondary involvement of the urinary bladder in lymphoma is about 13% whereas primary malignant lymphoma of the urinary bladder accounts for 0.2% of all cases of extranodal lymphoma in North America. Overall there is a good prognosis. These tumors are more common in women and usually occur in adulthood presenting with hematuria, dysuria or nocturia. The vast majority of the cases were non-Hodgkin lymphomas of B-cell type, and among them 14% were called follicular lymphoma.


Primary cases 0.2% of all extranodal cases of lymphoma in North America

Secondary cases 13% of all extranodal lymphomas

AGE RANGE-MEDIAN 20 to 85 years (median age 64 years)


Primary Low-Grade B-Cell Lymphoma of Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Type Arising in the Urinary Bladder:
Report of 4 Cases With Molecular Genetic Analysis

Arch Pathol Lab Med: 2001;125:332336

All patients were older than 60 years
The male-female ratio was 1:3
All patients had a history of chronic cystitis

Histologic features of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma with centrocyte-like cells, plasmacytoid B cells, or both were observed in all cases

Monoclonality of B cells was demonstrated by immunohistochemistry, polymerase chain reaction, or both methods in every case

All patients presented with stage IAE disease, were treated with radiotherapy alone, and have been in continuous complete remission for 2 to 13 years

Primary T-cell lymphoma of the urinary bladder Am J Surg Pathol 1998;22:373377

Cancer 1969;24:772776
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