Pathologist Work Schedule

Tumor Board Cases and Lectures

Presentations and Other Lectures

General Pathology
1999 CAP tumor markers
College of American Pathologists (CAP) Performance Improvement Program (PIP) 2003-A

Adnexal Tumors of the Skin-An Overview
Basal Cell Carcinoma-Aggressive Variants
Dermatopathology-Back to Basics, We've Only Just Begun
Dermatopathological Emergencies
Immunofluorescence of the Skin
Infections of the Skin
Melanoma-Back to Basics, I Thought I Knew Ya!
Mycosis Fungoides-Can Pathologists Make the Diagnosis?
Squamous Cell Carcinoma-Good Grades Are Not Enough!

Gynecological Pathology
Glandular Lesions of the Pap Smear

Clinical Chemistry
Ischemia Modified Albumin
Free Prostate Specific Antigen

Urine Based Assays for Bladder Cancer


Last Updated 10/23/2003