Time Period:
6/23/2005 9:17:46 AM - 8/10/2006 1:44:24 PM

Total Hits 32698465
Average Hits per Day 78981.800
Average Hits per Visitor 15.248
Total Reloads 5203910
Average Reloads per Day 12569.831
Average Reloads per Visitor 2.427
Cached Requests 947292
Incomplete Requests 80642
Failed Requests 592837
Total Visitors 2144412
Average Visitors per Day 5179.739
Average Time Spent (min:sec) 3:26
Total Unique IPs 944538
Resource Accessed
Total Page Views 2803239
Average Page Views per Day 6771.109
Average Page Views per Visitor 1.307
Total File Downloads 58467
Average File Downloads per Day 141.225
Average File Downloads per Visitor 0.027
Total Images 34389950
Average Images per Day 83067.512
Average Images per Visitor 16.037
Total Other Resources 57882
Average Other Resources per Day 139.812
Average Other Resources per Visitor 0.027
Total Data Transferred 205.054 GB
Average Data Transferred per Day 507.187 MB
Average Data Transferred per Hit 6733.000 B
Average Data Transferred per Visitor 100.267 KB

Description: This report contains descriptive statistics based on the main factors. Here you can evaluate the general effectiveness of your website and the effectiveness of your promotional efforts.

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